Some common tasks for the deploy of our apps
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Zorros-deploy gem

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That's only a sample gem done to show the Zorros people how to create a small gem.

It's only purpose is to add a tag to the git repository of a project each time it's deployed with capistrano. It heavily follows our way of working so it will probably not fit for you. But if it does, please, feel free to give us a hand with it!

How to use it

The gem supposes you've a multistage environment set up. You'll need to include it on your config/deploy/production.rb file, like that.

require 'zorros-deploy/capistrano'

Once you've done it, you'll have a small task on capistrano wich will automatically create a git tag with the format dd-mm-yyyy each time you deploy to production.

The tag will be created in your working copy's current branch, so make sure you're in the branch/commit you're deploying to tag the right thing.