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Perforce PowerShell integration. Prompt info and command line autocompletion

  • Prompt for Perforce workspaces

    Show the current depot and the state of files (additions, modifications, deletions) within prompt

  • Tab completion

    Provides tab completion for common commands when using perforce.

    E.g. p4 a<tab> --> p4 add


Tab completion should work out of the box. To configure the prompt, see file profile.example.ps1 as an example. Basically the function that writes p4 status prompt is Write-P4Prompt

If prompt shows a ! instead of the depot tree, it means you have too many views sync to the same folder. Script is limited to 1. It could also mean your are not connected to perforce. try command p4 where ...

Note on performance: If you navigate at the root of a large repo, prompt will be slow. posh-p4 uses p4 status ... to know which are files to add or to delete.. there might be other commands that are faster

Installing via OneGet

run in powershell command:

Install-Module posh-p4 -Scope CurrentUser -AllowClobber

Installing manually

Create folder C:\Users<UserName>\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\posh-p4

Copy all files from this repo there.

run command:

Install-Module posh-p4

The Prompt

PowerShell generates its prompt by executing a prompt function, if one exists.

An example of such a function is in profile.example.ps1

C:\Users\mydepot\project p4:(//depot/project)>
  • when depot path is Green, it means you are sync with the latest submit on this folder
  • when depot path is Red, there is newer(s) submit
  • whend depot path is Cyan, perforce server was too long to tell status so posh-p4 skiped answer in order to not take too long to display the prompt

By default, the status summary has the following format:

[+A ~B -C]

ABC represent the working directory

  • + = Added files
  • ~ = Modified files
  • - = Removed files

if there is a ? instead of a number, it means perforce server took too much time to answer

Inspired by

  • posh-git
  • posh-npm
  • oh-my-zsh <3


Microsoft Public License