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Themes for the Java IDE Netbeans.
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=============== Netbeans Themes

Here are some themes specifically designed for Java source code which are based off those found at


Go to Tools > Options and select the Font's & Colors section. Then click Import at the bottom left and select the downloaded zip file. Click the checkbox next to All, and press OK. Netbeans will restart (or just quit I've found). The Editor > Other section when importing is there in order to select the theme you just installed.

All-in-1 Bundle

Below is a download link that will contain the majority of the themes on this repository in a single zip for you to install.

Download All Themes

Creating New Themes

Clone this repo with git clone git:// then cd Netbeans-Themes

Create a new branch based off the master branch with git branch ThemeName. Then checkout that branch with git checkout ThemeName. Each theme has it's own branch based off the master branch so any changes to it will chain down to your theme when Netbeans adds new configurable values. Do not push from a theme branch to the master. Always edit the master branch when editing files outside src/.

Go to the src/ folder and edit the files within. They are renamed and all in a single folder for ease of use when editing. The .nbattr files will be auto generated. Right now, the scripts only supports the files for x-java and the base theme colors.

To build the theme, go into the tools/ folder and run make.bat. Which will build a zip bundle in an untracked folder called Themes.

Theme Editing

While colours are stored in hexidecimal ARGB format, alpha is not checked/used for assumably all configurable values.

Useful Links

====== Themes


Source | Download | Based on:

Theme Links:


Source | Download | Based on:


occurrenceIndication: #5E5C56 -> #333


Source | Download | Based on:

Theme Links:

Vibrant Ink

Source | Download | Based on:


annotation: n/a -> #fff
findScope: #191919 -> #414C3B (selectionBackground)
occurrenceIndication: (bg) #616161 -> #414C3B (selection bg) + #fff (selection fg)


Source | Download | Based on:


enum: n/a -> #fff

Theme Links:

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