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Event Calendar

Plasmoid for a calendar+agenda with weather that syncs to Google Calendar.


A) Install via KDE

  1. Right Click Panel > Panel Options > Add Widgets
  2. Get New Widgets > Download New Widgets
  3. Search: Event Calendar
  4. Install
  5. Right Click your current calendar widget > Alternatives
  6. Select Event Calendar

B) Install via GitHub

git clone eventcalendar
cd eventcalendar
sh ./install

To update, run the sh ./update script. It will run a git pull then reinstall the applet. Please note this script will restart plasmashell (so you don't have to relog)!

C) Install via Package Manager

Some awesome users seemed to have packaged this applet under plasma5-applets-eventcalendar.

(Old) There's also a russian who's patched the widget with russian translations. It's out of date though, and we now bundle russian translations with the rest.

Update to GitHub master

If you're asked to test something, you can do so by installing the latest unreleased code.

Beforehand, uninstall the AUR version if you are running Arch (you can reinstall after testing).

Then install pen the Terminal and run the following commands. Please note the install script will restart plasmashell so that you don't have to relog.

sudo apt install git
git clone eventcalendar
cd eventcalendar
sh ./install --restart

When you've finished testing, you may wish to reinstall the KDE Store or AUR version. First uninstall the widget with the following command, then reinstall your desired version of the widget.

sh ./uninstall


  1. Right click the Calendar > Event Calendar Settings > Google Calendar
  2. Copy the Code and enter it at the given link. Keep the settings window open.
  3. After the settings window says it's synched, click apply.
  4. Go to the Weather Tab > Enter your city id for OpenWeatherMap. If their search can't find your city, try googling it with