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Welcome to WPS Prime

WPS Prime is a WordPress starter theme destined to aid custom child-theme development and promote junk free front end architecture. Never modify the master theme, start a project using a child theme. Theme demo here

Table of contents:

  • Theme Hooks - link
  • Add template components using hooks - link
  • Layout CSS filter functions - link
  • Pluggable template components functions - link
  • Pluggable CSS class markup functions (used on front end architecture) - link

###Child theme teritory

  • Add/Remove theme fonts (google fonts) - link
  • Add/Remove deactivate styles - link
  • Add/Remove deactivate scripts - link
  • Remove/Unhook template components - link
  • Child theme functions and file system demo - link
  • Useful snippets to speed up development - link

You can download a simple starter child theme here or visit the project on github

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