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DroneCode Probe

The DroneCode Probe is a generic JTAG / SWD + UART console adapter compatible with most ARM Cortex based designs and in particular with hardware maintained by the DroneCode project. It is a low-cost design with a BOM value around $10.00​ and supported on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS).

Documentation: https://kb.zubax.com/x/iIAh

Key Features / Added Value

  • Firmware compatible to the Black Magic probe.
  • Does not require OpenOCD or other software to run GDB on Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
  • Better setup / usage experience compared to other JTAG probes
  • Integrated 3.3V serial adapter for console access
  • Solder-free support for common DroneCode cabling options:
    • ARM Mini 10pos standard header
    • DCD-S: DroneCode Debug connector small
    • DCD-M: DroneCode Debug connector medium
    • 6-pos DF13 console cable (Pixhawk 1.x)

Suggested Packaging Content

JST SUR and JST SH are required as minimum.

  • JST SUR 6 pos cable (available from JST or at lower quantities from 3D Robotics)
  • JST SH 6 pos cable (SparkFun)
  • ARM Mini cable (Digi-Key)
  • Hirose DF13 6-pos cable (3DR Store, or wires+headers from DigiKey)


This project is licensed under the terms of CC-BY-SA.