This is vim-airline extension of simplily todo implementation
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This is vim-airline extension of simplily todo implementation


  • Airline: This is a extension of airline (like powerline, but more fast and KISS)
  • powerline-font: if you use wild char, you may need install powerline font


  • If you want to change the todo directory(the default is ~/.vim-airline-todo): let g:todo#directory = "your todo task directory"
  • If you want to change TODO sign (the default is TODO): let g:todo#remind= "your sign here"
  • If you want to count the TODO tasks recursively (the default is 0, no subdirectory contains): let g:todo#recurse = 0 or 1 here
  • If you want to change todo task suffix (the default is '*'): let g:todo#suffix = "your todo task suffix here"


Create file in directory g:todo#directory, one file one task.


  • keymap
    If you are using plugin NERDTree, you can set a keymap like map <leader>t :NERDTree 'g:todo#directory here'
    If you are using other file browse plugin, just take above as a reference
    Then you can easily browse and edit your task(s)
  • sync
    you can use dropbox as a sync tool, just set let g:todo#directory in a dropbox sync place





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