This project is for assignment 1 part 2 of my research methods course at Concordia university.
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Research Methods 2 A1P2


This project is for assignment 1 part 2 of my research methods course at Concordia university. I hope it demonstrates the power, simplicity, and longevity of FOSS solutions instead of proprietary statistics packages!


The data for this project is in the "flocademy_data.csv" file. A CSV is a "comma separated values" file. It's like a spreadsheet, except when you open it, you may need to tell your spreadsheet software that a comma or "," character is the "delimiter". This is an extra step for you (as a human) but a CSV is one of the simplest types of files for a computer to open and read.

Sample Output

In the folder "sample_output" you can view a sample of what this program produces.

  • 2x2_gender_age_grade_interaction.png is a picture file with the ANOVA interaction chart.
  • command_line_output.txt is the text produced when you run the program.
  • describe_student_answers.csv is a spreadsheet produced by the program. This is a spreadsheet of some of the descriptive statistics used in the report.


I've included a file "LICENSE" which applies to my code and data. However the excellent "" file was not written by me - see for more information.


A list of all the tools needed to run this project are in the 'requirements.txt' file. You can automatically install them from the command line using the Python tool called pip. Here's the command:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Here's the command to see all results for the statistical analysis. This also generates files in the "results" folder:

python3 analysis flocademy_data.csv

You can also view the plot if you include the plot option:

python3 analysis flocademy_data.csv --plot


If you have any questions at all about this project or how to use it, don't hesitate to ask!