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Django Super Favicon

Django Super Favicon is a project that aiming to replace external solutions like Create favicon for all kind of client platform.

Super Favicon does:

  • Creates icons in various size
  • Uploads them in static file storage (or other)
  • Creates HTML headers tags for use them


It could sound useless, but hold a website identity in browsers' favorites or iOS/Android/Windows home screen is a pretty good thing.

I often see that Django dev used to create a view for serve favicon.ico, I think this is summum of bad pratices: File must be served by a dedicated server. I designed this project to use Django Storage API and make generated files deployment agnostic.

There are other Django projects in the same topic:

That's why super ...

Install & usage

pip install django-super-favicon

Add the following things in your


Upload them to your storage (by default your filesystem):

./ generate_favicon your_icon.png

And put this in your templates:

{% load favicon %}
{% get_favicons %}

It will produce something like:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="/static/favicon-152.png">

<meta name="msapplication-TileColor" content="#FFFFFF">
<meta name="msapplication-TileImage" content="/static/favicon-144.png">

<meta name="application-name" content="Name">
<meta name="msapplication-tooltip" content="Tooltip">
<meta name="msapplication-config" content="/static/ieconfig.xml">

<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-32.png" sizes="32x32">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-57.png" sizes="57x57">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-76.png" sizes="76x76">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-96.png" sizes="96x96">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-120.png" sizes="120x120">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-128.png" sizes="128x128">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-144.png" sizes="144x144">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-152.png" sizes="152x152">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-180.png" sizes="180x180">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-195.png" sizes="195x195">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/favicon-228.png" sizes="228x228">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/smalltile.png" sizes="128x128">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/mediumtile.png" sizes="270x270">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/widetile.png" sizes="558x270">
<link rel="icon" href="/static/largetile.png" sizes="558x558">
<link rel="shortcut icon" sizes="196x196" href="/static/favicon-196.png">


Super Favicon can be configured with the followings constants in

FAVICON_STORAGE: Storage class used for store favicons, default: settings.STATICFILES_STORAGE

FAVICON_STORAGE_OPTIONS: Options used for instanciate the custom storage. default: {}

Management Commands


Create favicons in different formats.

generate_favicon <source_file>


Delete previously created favicon



All contribution are very welcomed, propositions, problems, bugs and enhancement are tracked with GitHub issues system and patch are submitted via pull requests.

We use Travis coupled with Coveralls as continious integration tools.


Create, store and display favicon for every client platform




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