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Zunami Protocol

The First Decentralized Revenue Aggregator

Zunami Protocol is the DAO that works with stablecoins and solves the main issues of current yield-farming protocols by streamlining interaction with DeFi, making it easier and cheaper while increasing profitability by differentiating and rebalancing users’ funds.

Why we created Zunami Protocol

The technological advancement in the finance area is undergoing a significant reshaping. During the last few years, the overall capitalization of stablecoins skyrocketed. However, the cryptocurrency realm is still regarded as a Wild West, full of traps for new investors interested in making quick profits. Decentralized Finance and stablecoins: the two emerging trends are now combining into a game-changing equation that will benefit tech-savvy users.

The number of users in Yield-farming applications is growing exponentially, but we are still far from market mass adoption. We, the creators of the Zunami Protocol, have identified a number of problems in existing solutions that repel both inexperienced users and hardened veterans of the crypto world. Our goal is to create an application that will break the barrier between traditional finances and DeFi and will be the best solution for stablecoin holders.

What problems does Zunami Protocol solve?

1. Complicated UX due to the number of functioning stablecoin pools.

2. Frequent interest rates changes in yield-farming pools.

3. Deposit and funds withdrawal is too expensive.

4. Costly & inconvenient rewards selling on your own.

Zunami Protocol benefits

1. Simplified usage. New UI makes user journey in DeFi smooth & easy. Perform complex interactions in one step.

2. Automated revenue aggregator. Less hassle, more profit. A sophisticated decentralized system makes sure your savings work even while you sleep. Delegate, automate, enjoy.

3. Low entry threshold. Zunami Protocol establishes a new gateway to the DeFi realm making yield-farming accessible not only to the crypto whales.

4. Cross-chain liquidity providing. Earn in the best pools and protocols, no matter what blockchain they are on.

5. DAO-oriented project.

How it works?

Zunami Protocol uses the Transaction Batching Mechanism (TBM) which accumulates users’ funds in one batch and distributes it according to our strategies, reducing the commissions for individual transactions. Users deposit funds into the initial smart contract using the delegateDeposit() function. Then, at least once a day, the mechanism of automatic sending to the pools will be launched by the completeDeposit() function and allocate user funds to strategies. Users don’t pay anything at this point.

Rewards accrued by the user in DeFi protocols are automatically sold and the profits are reinvested. Key issues such as the choice/adding of new strategies, rebalancing of funds and the amount of management fee are decided by Zunami DAO.

In July 2022 we launched BSC Cross-Chain Gateway and liquidity providing to the ETH network from the BSC (based on LayerZero and StarGate). Now users can get the profitability and reliability of our ETH version for less than $1! The transaction accumulator allows you to reduce the transaction costs up to 1000 times.

Our contacts

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