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iOS camping directory for the United States
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An iOS Camping Directory

This is my first iOS application and I did it in Swift. The application makes use of Active's Campground API to enable campground searches and display details about a specific campground. One can also make reservations for a campsite using the application.

This application is more or less a learning exercise and you may encounter something in the code that could be done better. Please enter an issue here in GitHub and I will make the change. You could also join the team and help contribute to application if you wish.

Some of the items that I implemented within this application include:

  • Remote API calls using AlamoFire
  • Populating table views with XML data using SWXMLHash
  • Extensions
  • Mapkit
  • Collection views
  • Custom view cells
  • Passing data via a seque
  • Navigation controller with buttons
  • Customizing an alert controller with an image

Feel free to use any part of the application according to the license (GPLv2).

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