Multi-player iOS tank battle game for up to four players.
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Tank War Redux.xcodeproj
Tank War Redux


An iOS multiplayer tank game.

This application is more or less a learning exercise and you may encounter something in the code that could be done better. Please enter an issue here in GitHub and I will make the change. You could also join the team and help contribute to application if you wish.

The single player game option is self explanitory. You battle a number of randomly generated enemy tanks and try to destroy all of them to win.

To play a multiplayer game do the following:

  1. One player acts as the host, selects multiplayer from menu
  2. All other players select multiplayer from menu and wait
  3. Host selects Connect from menu and adds players
  4. All other players accept the invitation from the host
  5. After all peers accept their invitation, host selects done on the connect dialog
  6. Each player should see a list of players with the color of their tanks.
  7. Host selects Start Game
  8. All players begin shooting at each other

Feel free to use any part of the application according to the license (GPLv2).