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No zuo no die


What is this?



English version of the Chinese character "作", which means "act silly or daring (for attention)".

This phrase is of Chinglish origin, means if you don't do stupid things, they won't come back and bite you in the ass, (but if you do, they most certainly will).


A: Some dude baked cookies shaped like iPhone, held it by the mouth when driving, tried to mess with traffic cops.

B: Did he pull it off?

A: Cop was pissed and ran his name through the system. Turns out he's got speed tickets unpaid!

B: No zuo no die.

(from Urban Dictionary)

Why should we do this?

Well, first thing first, I assume you've read the code in this repo when you start this paragraph. This repo contains dangerous codes that can cause operating system paralyse.

Dangerous codes are everywhere - in your laptop, your iWhatever, or even in your TV box. Seemingly they're not big deals for they're seldom used (if it's used often, they'll be tested out). However, they'll be destructive once they're playing little parts.

So I want to collect those codes in order to index them, categorize them and in the future avoid more people from making those 'mistakes'.

How can I join this?

Simply fork this repo into your own account, add or modify some code, commit them and then submit a PR to me. I'll merge them ASAP.

Who are you?

My name is James Liu (about) and my Github ID is @jamesliu96. Follow me and star my repos if you like them. :) Thx

to be continued...