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An app that allows a user to view shop items and purchase through simple command lines.
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This is an application which allows a user to view a full selection of products and allows them to purchase a specified quantity of a product through simple command lines.

How to Run

Download/clone all the files from this bamazon repository. Have MySQL installed on your computer. Running the bamazon.sql file on that application will allow you to view the database with the relevant data. Then, open up your terminal/bash window and proceed to navigating to the folder with the cloned git files. Run the following command before proceeding further:

npm i

Next, type node bamazonCustomer.js to open the application.

The App

The app will first display all the information of the products available in the store, including item id, name and price.

All Products

The user will be prompted to select one item of their choosing by typing in the item id into the command line. Then they'll be prompted to select a quantity. If the item is in stock, they will be taken to checkout and be given a total amount for their purchase.

In Stock

If the item is not in stock, or if the user requested a quantity that cannot be met, they receive a separate response.

Insufficient Quantity

Once purchased, the stock inventory gets updated in the MySQL database and the number will be reflected as such.

Technologies Used

  • MySQL
  • Node JS
  • NPM Inquirer
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