Leaflet plugins for layers with limited zoom levels
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Leaflet.ContinuousZoom.js Upgrade plugins to Leaflet 1.0.2 Nov 29, 2016


Miss some zoom levels for your tiles?

That's not a problem with those Leaflet plugins! Your users won't even notice the absense. See this map for a demo.


Does not allow selecting zoom levels that are not in a predefined list. Include the js file and add zooms: [1, 5, 8, 14] option to your L.Map object, with zooms of your choosing.


Allows restricting L.TileLayer zoom levels to a predefined list, while not limiting map zooming functionality. Missing levels are interpolated from previous, or a minimal existing zoom level. Be careful: set minZoom option to the minimal native zoom, or number of tile request would be enormous.

To use, include the js file and add nativeZooms: [2,5,8] option to a L.TileLayer object, with zooms you have.

Author and License

Those plugins were written by Ilya Zverev and published under WTFPL license.