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BigMap 2

This is a successor to BigMap script: a tool to stitch map tiles and produce a PNG image. Among improvements are:

  • Better landing page with Leaflet and URL parsing.
  • More than fifteen popular tile layers to choose from.
  • KML, WLD and OziExplorer MAP meta files generation.
  • Map downloading script can be produced in Python language.
  • Fixed user agent and small pauses while downloading.
  • Attribution on generated images.
  • Server-side stitching with a queue.


The following directory structure is recommended:

Path Mode Description
./ 0755 Place scripts from scripts directory here, with 0755 mode on them.
./queue/ 0777 Working directory that should be outside wwwroot.
./queue/tasks/ 0777 Task files will be put here by PHP scripts.
./queue/queue 0666 A queue file that will be modified by PHP scripts.
./www/ 0755 WWWRoot. Place PHP scripts here and point HTTP server to it.
./www/result/ 0777 A directory for generated image files.

Then modify paths to be absolute in and scripts, so they can be called by cron. Also change server address in and size limit in And add those two lines in crontab -e editor (your intervals may vary):

*/2 * * * * /var/www/.../
2 */6 * * * /var/www/.../

Of all PHP scripts only queue.php needs configuring: you should change e-mail in there, and may want to alter limits. Tile limit is specified in $max_tiles variable in bigmap.php.

After changing tiles.txt you would want to update Leaflet layers in index.html. To do this, just check paths in scripts/ and run it.


All scripts were written by Ilya Zverev, partly based on public domain code by Frederik Ramm. Published under WTFPL license.