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Tools for OSM regional extract support

It is hard to maintain OSM tile service with a small server: you can't have a properly updated regional extract or even run osm2pgsql on low memory. Here are some scripts that would help.

Download planet.osm, cuts a polygon, updates it to today, loads it into the database with osm2pgsql, and then optionally creates an sql archive and uploads it to a remote server. On the second run does not use a planet file, instead updates an extract. See configuration options in first lines of the script.

What if you don't want to update OSM data minutely, but prefer instead to have as much data as possible? Rent a separate hourly-priced droplet, log in as root and upload this script, a style files and an OSM extract. Run ./ init, enter a password for osm user when asked. Then log out.

Log in to the droplet as osm user. Start a screen, inside it run ./ loadc <style> <extract> (load if you need "slim" tables). Ctrl+A, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D to log out; in some hours log back in and type screen -r to resume screen session.

When finished, run ./load-osm dump to create a database dump, or, if every byte counts, use ./load-osm transmit user@ip to send PostgreSQL dump directly to your server. After downloading the produces sql dump, the droplet can be destroyed.

You should put correct user name and database name in the header.

Linux builds supported: Fedora 19 and 20, Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04, Debian 7.

Limit disk space for updating

Add those lines before seq=... in openstreetmap-tiles-update-expire script (for some reason version with stat did not work):


if `python -c "import os, sys; st=os.statvfs('$BASE_DIR'); sys.exit(1 if st.f_bavail*st.f_frsize/1024/1024 > $MIN_DISK_SPACE_MB else 0)"`; then
    m_info "there is less than $MIN_DISK_SPACE_MB MB left"
    exit 4

Trims osmChange file to a bbox or a polygon. It takes into consideration osm2psql slim database tables, so no node or way is lost. It is recommended to increase update interval to 5-10 minutes, so changes accumulate and ways could be filtered more effectively.

To include the script into mod_tile update cycle, add those lines to openstreetmap-tiles-update-expire script, between osmosis and osm2pgsql:

m_ok "filtering diff"
if ! /path/to/ -d gis -p /path/to/region.poly -z $CHANGE_FILE $CHANGE_FILE 1>&2 2>> "$RUNLOG"; then
    m_error "Trim_osc error"

On a 16.5 GB database without this script planet diffs amounted to 600-650 MB daily. After the script was installed, the daily increase fell to 140 MB.

This script needs python-psycopg2 and python-shapely packages installed.