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K-Net: Towards Unified Image Segmentation



This is an official release of the paper K-Net:Towards Unified Image Segmentation. K-Net will also be integrated in the future release of MMDetection and MMSegmentation.

K-Net:Towards Unified Image Segmentation,
Wenwei Zhang, Jiangmiao Pang, Kai Chen, Chen Change Loy
In: Proc. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2021
[arXiv][project page][Bibetex]


The results of K-Net and their corresponding configs on each segmentation task are shown as below. We have released the full model zoo of panoptic segmentation. The complete model checkpoints and logs for instance and semantic segmentation will be released soon.

Semantic Segmentation on ADE20K

Backbone Method Crop Size Lr Schd mIoU Config Download
R-50 K-Net + FCN 512x512 80K 43.3 config model | log
R-50 K-Net + PSPNet 512x512 80K 43.9 config model | log
R-50 K-Net + DeepLabv3 512x512 80K 44.6 config model | log
R-50 K-Net + UPerNet 512x512 80K 43.6 config model | log
Swin-T K-Net + UPerNet 512x512 80K 45.4 config model | log
Swin-L K-Net + UPerNet 512x512 80K 52.0 config model | log
Swin-L K-Net + UPerNet 640x640 80K 52.7 config model | log

Instance Segmentation on COCO

Backbone Method Lr Schd Mask mAP Config Download
R-50 K-Net 1x 34.0 config model | log
R-50 K-Net ms-3x 37.8 config model | log
R-101 K-Net ms-3x 39.2 config model | log
R-101-DCN K-Net ms-3x 40.5 config model | log

Panoptic Segmentation on COCO

Backbone Method Lr Schd PQ Config Download
R-50 K-Net 1x 44.3 config model | log
R-50 K-Net ms-3x 47.1 config model | log
R-101 K-Net ms-3x 48.4 config model | log
R-101-DCN K-Net ms-3x 49.6 config model | log
Swin-L (window size 7) K-Net ms-3x 54.6 config model | log
Above on test-dev 55.2


It requires the following OpenMMLab packages:

  • MIM >= 0.1.5
  • MMCV-full >= v1.3.14
  • MMDetection >= v2.17.0
  • MMSegmentation >= v0.18.0
  • scipy
  • panopticapi
pip install openmim scipy mmdet mmsegmentation
pip install git+
mim install mmcv-full


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


Data preparation

Prepare data following MMDetection and MMSegmentation. The data structure looks like below:

├── ade
│   ├── ADEChallengeData2016
│   │   ├── annotations
│   │   ├── images
├── coco
│   ├── annotations
│   │   ├── panoptic_{train,val}2017.json
│   │   ├── instance_{train,val}2017.json
│   │   ├── panoptic_{train,val}2017/  # panoptic png annotations
│   │   ├── image_info_test-dev2017.json  # for test-dev submissions
│   ├── train2017
│   ├── val2017
│   ├── test2017

Training and testing

For training and testing, you can directly use mim to train and test the model

# train instance/panoptic segmentation models
sh ./tools/ $PARTITION mmdet $CONFIG $WORK_DIR

# test instance segmentation models
sh ./tools/ $PARTITION mmdet $CONFIG $CHECKPOINT --eval segm

# test panoptic segmentation models
sh ./tools/ $PARTITION mmdet $CONFIG $CHECKPOINT --eval pq

# train semantic segmentation models
sh ./tools/ $PARTITION mmseg $CONFIG $WORK_DIR

# test semantic segmentation models
sh ./tools/ $PARTITION mmseg $CONFIG $CHECKPOINT --eval mIoU

For test submission for panoptic segmentation, you can use the command below:

# we should update the category information in the original image test-dev pkl file
# for panoptic segmentation
python -u tools/
# run test-dev submission
sh ./tools/ $PARTITION mmdet $CONFIG $CHECKPOINT  --format-only --cfg-options data.test.ann_file=data/coco/annotations/panoptic_image_info_test-dev2017.json data.test.img_prefix=data/coco/test2017 --eval-options jsonfile_prefix=$WORK_DIR

You can also run training and testing without slurm by directly using mim for instance/semantic/panoptic segmentation like below:

  • PARTITION: the slurm partition you are using
  • CHECKPOINT: the path of the checkpoint downloaded from our model zoo or trained by yourself
  • WORK_DIR: the working directory to save configs, logs, and checkpoints
  • CONFIG: the config files under the directory configs/
  • JOB_NAME: the name of the job that are necessary for slurm


    title={{K-Net: Towards} Unified Image Segmentation},
    author={Wenwei Zhang and Jiangmiao Pang and Kai Chen and Chen Change Loy},


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