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Bricks Framework

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A modern framework for developers who care about what to use and how many functions are needed on a project. It is a CSS (Sass) and Javascript based framework that have just the functions and components you need on your project. Supports open web standards and brings a consistent browser environment across mobiles and desktop devices. The Javascript library is adapted for modern browsers. The syntax is modular and inspired from jQuery.

Use Bricks Framework if:

  • You need a powerful library and components.
  • You care about "keep it simple".
  • You enjoy using custom libraries with what you only need.
  • You feel confortable using Addons

Do not use Bricks Framework if:

  • You need an ultra-complete-all-in-one javascript library (I recommend JQuery).
  • You need many components in one css library (I recommend Bootstrap)


Current version: 1.0.1

Getting Started

There are some things probably you are interested on. So, let's start.

Browser support

  • Chrome
  • Safari 4.0.5
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Firefox 3.5
  • Opera 10


Bricks Framework starts as an idea to create and use libraries with functions and components that you really need on your project. Most of actual frameworks are complete and covers everything, but sometimes they have more things that the ones you really need. Bricks borns from that situation.


Bricks is opensource, so feel free to fork this project to help us to improve it. All the code is on public on Github:


Sometimes is necessary other ways to get in contact to talk and get support. You can send us a tweet to @BricksFramework on Twitter, visit us on irc (#bricksframework) at freenode channel or filling a new issue.



You need some dependencies to start building Bricks Framework:

  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • Grunt: ´npm install grunt-cli -g´


A few steps to build a Bricks Framework release:

  • Clone the repo: ´git clone´
  • Install node dependencies: ´npm install´
  • Run grunt to start the build: ´grunt´
  • If everything is ready, you could get a copy in ´dist´ and ´package´ folder.


If you change any ´sass´ file, automaticly grunt will compile and minify it. Same thing with ´javascript´ files. Additional, it runs a localserver (http://localhost:33746) to see the examples, if you change a ´sass´, ´javascript´ or ´html´ file, the localserver will reaload to see the latest changes you made.


We use Travis CI to test every commit and pull request. You can check it at Bricks Framework Travis CI homepage.


Bricks Framework is open source and open to any change you think is necessary. If you have changes or submissions that could improve it, we will really appreciate. So, fork this project, makes changes and create a pull request.



  • Full port from css to scss
  • Defined branding colors
  • Blockquotes scss
  • Tables scss
  • Helpers scss


  • Complete documentation
  • First stable version
  • Stable Javascript library and CSS components
  • Launch to the public
  • Full implementation of many functions of javascript library
  • Added tests


  • More structured code
  • Change from css to scss
  • Full integration with Travis-CI testing
  • Basic structure for Javascript library


  • We had the idea and the Github repo created.


  • We had the idea :)


Spread it to the world

We will really appreciate if you tweet, blog, use, share, post, or whatever about Bricks Framework. We are really interested in know your experiences with Bricks and continue making it awesome. Tell to the entire people why they should give a try to Bricks Framework.

Support Bricks Framework

Do you like Bricks and you are interested on support it? Those are the ways you can support Bricks Framework:


Bricks is starting at this momment but there are people in back. We would like to thank:

  • Giovanny Gongora - Creator and founder
  • You for being about to stargaze or fork this project on GitHub
  • Everyone who has kindly reported issues or made pull requests


Bricks is licensed under MIT. See LICENSE for more information.