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! XScreenSaver
! a screen saver and locker for the X window system
! by Jamie Zawinski
! version 5.43
! 01-Jul-2019
! See "man xscreensaver" for more info. The latest version is always
! available at
! These resources, when placed in the system-wide app-defaults directory
! (e.g., /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver) will provide the default
! settings for new users. However, if you have a ".xscreensaver" file in
! your home directory, the settings in that file take precedence.
! Don't hand this file to "xrdb" -- that isn't how app-defaults files work.
! Though app-defaults files have (mostly) the same syntax as your ~/.Xdefaults
! file, they are used differently, and if you run this file through xrdb,
! you will probably mess things up.
#error Do not run app-defaults files through xrdb!
#error That does not do what you might expect.
#error Put this file in /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver instead.
! /* (xrdb prevention kludge: whole file)
*mode: random
*timeout: 0:10:00
*cycle: 0:10:00
*lockTimeout: 0:00:00
*passwdTimeout: 0:00:30
*dpmsEnabled: False
*dpmsQuickoffEnabled: False
*dpmsStandby: 2:00:00
*dpmsSuspend: 2:00:00
*dpmsOff: 4:00:00
*grabDesktopImages: True
*grabVideoFrames: False
*chooseRandomImages: @DEFAULT_IMAGES_P@
! This can be a local directory name, or the URL of an RSS or Atom feed.
*nice: 10
*memoryLimit: 0
*lock: False
*verbose: False
*timestamp: True
*fade: True
*unfade: False
*fadeSeconds: 0:00:03
*fadeTicks: 20
*splash: True
*splashDuration: 0:00:05
*visualID: default
*installColormap: True
*ignoreUninstalledPrograms: False
*authWarningSlack: 20
*textMode: file
*textLiteral: XScreenSaver
*textProgram: fortune
! When a saver writes an error message to stdout/stderr, it can be printed
! on the screen.
*captureStderr: True
*overlayStderr: True
*overlayTextForeground: #FFFF00
*overlayTextBackground: #000000
*font: *-medium-r-*-140-*-m-*
! The default is to use these server extensions if available (as noted.)
*sgiSaverExtension: True
*xidleExtension: True
*procInterrupts: True
! Turning this on makes pointerHysteresis not work.
*xinputExtensionDev: False
! Set this to True if you are experiencing longstanding XFree86 bug #421
! (xscreensaver not covering the whole screen)
*GetViewPortIsFullOfLies: False
! This is what the "Settings" button on the splash screen runs.
*demoCommand: xscreensaver-demo
! This is the URL loaded by the "Help" button on the splash screen,
! and by the "Documentation" menu item in xscreensaver-demo.
! loadURL -- how the "Help" buttons load the helpURL (/bin/sh syntax.)
! manualCommand -- how the "Documentation" buttons display man pages.
! And there are so very many options to choose from!
! Gnome 2.4, 2.6: (yelp can't display man pages, as of 2.6.3)
@GNOME24@*loadURL: @WITH_BROWSER@ '%s'
@GNOME24@*manualCommand: gnome-terminal --title '%s manual' \
@GNOME24@ --command '/bin/sh -c "man %s; read foo"'
! Gnome 2.2:
@GNOME22@*loadURL: gnome-url-show '%s'
@GNOME22@*manualCommand: gnome-terminal --title '%s manual' \
@GNOME22@ --command '/bin/sh -c "man %s; read foo"'
! Gnome 1.4:
! *loadURL: gnome-moz-remote --newwin '%s'
! *manualCommand: gnome-help-browser 'man:%s'
! non-Gnome systems:
@NOGNOME@*loadURL: firefox '%s' || mozilla '%s' || netscape '%s'
@NOGNOME@*manualCommand: xterm -sb -fg black -bg gray75 -T '%s manual' \
@NOGNOME@ -e /bin/sh -c 'man "%s" ; read foo'
! The format used for printing the date and time in the password dialog box
! (see the strftime(3) manual page for details.)
*dateFormat: %d-%b-%y (%a); %I:%M %p
! For day month date:
! *dateFormat: %a %b %d, %I:%M %p
! To show the time only:
! *dateFormat: %I:%M %p
! For 24 hour time:
! *dateFormat: %H:%M
! This command is executed by the "New Login" button on the lock dialog.
! (That button does not appear on the dialog if this program does not exist.)
! For Gnome: probably "gdmflexiserver -ls". KDE, probably "kdmctl reserve".
! Or maybe yet another wheel-reinvention, "lxdm -c USER_SWITCH".
! Oh wait, this wheel just keeps getting better: "dm-tool switch-to-greeter".
! Change these at your peril:
XScreenSaver.pointerPollTime: 0:00:05
XScreenSaver.pointerHysteresis: 10
XScreenSaver.initialDelay: 0:00:00
XScreenSaver.windowCreationTimeout: 0:00:30
XScreenSaver.bourneShell: /bin/sh
! Colors and fonts for the unlock dialog and splash screen.
! Note, the daemon uses Xlib XLoadFont, not Xft. If these fonts don't
! exist, arcane heuristics are applied until we find something similar.
*Dialog.headingFont: -*-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-*-180-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
*Dialog.bodyFont: -*-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-*-140-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
*Dialog.labelFont: -*-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-*-140-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
*Dialog.unameFont: -*-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-*-120-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
*Dialog.buttonFont: -*-helvetica-bold-r-*-*-*-140-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
*Dialog.dateFont: -*-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-*-80-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
! Helvetica asterisks look terrible.
*passwd.passwdFont: -*-courier-bold-r-*-*-*-140-*-*-*-iso8859-1
! Whether to display the local host name in the unlock dialog.
*passwd.uname: True
! Whether typed passwords should echo as asterisks (true) or nothing (false)
*passwd.asterisks: True
! The default color scheme for the unlock and splash dialogs.
! This looks pretty close to the default Gtk theme.
*Dialog.foreground: #000000
*Dialog.background: #E6E6E6
*Dialog.Button.foreground: #000000
*Dialog.Button.background: #F5F5F5
*Dialog.text.foreground: #000000
*Dialog.text.background: #FFFFFF
*Dialog.topShadowColor: #FFFFFF
*Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #CECECE
*Dialog.logo.width: 210
*Dialog.logo.height: 210
*Dialog.internalBorderWidth: 24
*Dialog.borderWidth: 1
*Dialog.shadowThickness: 2
*passwd.thermometer.foreground: #4464AC
*passwd.thermometer.background: #FFFFFF
*passwd.thermometer.width: 8
! A few other example color schemes.
! A convenient way to debug these is to build and run "driver/test-passwd".
! Remember that configure overwrites from
! Borderless theme:
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #E6E6E6
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #E6E6E6
! *passwd.thermometer.width: 6
! Dark gray theme:
! *Dialog.foreground: #CCCCCC
! *Dialog.background: #333333
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #444444
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #111111
! *Dialog.text.foreground: #DDDDDD
! *Dialog.text.background: #666666
! *Dialog.Button.foreground: #CCCCCC
! *Dialog.Button.background: #666666
! *passwd.thermometer.foreground: #4464AC
! *passwd.thermometer.background: #666666
! Black borderless theme:
! *Dialog.foreground: #CCCCCC
! *Dialog.background: #000000
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #000000
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #000000
! *Dialog.text.foreground: #CCCCCC
! *Dialog.text.background: #000000
! *Dialog.Button.foreground: #CCCCCC
! *Dialog.Button.background: #333333
! *passwd.thermometer.foreground: #CCCCCC
! *passwd.thermometer.background: #333333
! *passwd.thermometer.width: 3
! Green on black theme:
! *Dialog.foreground: #00FF00
! *Dialog.background: #000000
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #000000
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #000000
! *Dialog.shadowThickness: 1
! *Dialog.text.foreground: #00FF00
! *Dialog.text.background: #006600
! *Dialog.Button.foreground: #00FF00
! *Dialog.Button.background: #006600
! *passwd.thermometer.foreground: #00CC00
! *passwd.thermometer.background: #006600
! White theme:
! *Dialog.foreground: #000000
! *Dialog.background: #FFFFFF
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #CCCCCC
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #CCCCCC
! *Dialog.shadowThickness: 1
! *Dialog.text.foreground: #000000
! *Dialog.text.background: #FFFFFF
! *Dialog.Button.foreground: #000000
! *Dialog.Button.background: #FFFFFF
! Blue theme:
! *Dialog.foreground: #000000
! *Dialog.background: #BBCCDD
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #CCDDEE
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #AABBCC
! *Dialog.text.foreground: #000000
! *Dialog.text.background: #DDEEFF
! *Dialog.Button.foreground: #000000
! *Dialog.Button.background: #DDEEFF
! *passwd.thermometer.foreground: #5566AA
! *passwd.thermometer.background: #BBCCDD
! Aqua on black borderless theme:
! *Dialog.foreground: #00EFEF
! *Dialog.background: #000000
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #000000
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #000000
! *Dialog.Button.foreground: #000000
! *Dialog.Button.background: #2244EE
! *Dialog.text.foreground: #2244EE
! *Dialog.text.background: #EEEEEE
! *Dialog.internalBorderWidth: 36
! *Dialog.borderWidth: 4
! *Dialog.shadowThickness: 2
! *passwd.thermometer.foreground: #2244EE
! *passwd.thermometer.background: #000088
! Wine theme, similar to the login screen of "Ubuntu 18.04 Community".
! *Dialog.foreground: #AD8FA6
! *Dialog.background: #2C041E
! *Dialog.topShadowColor: #2C041E
! *Dialog.bottomShadowColor: #2C041E
! *Dialog.text.foreground: #706B70
! *Dialog.text.background: #F9F9F8
! *Dialog.Button.foreground: #CFC8CB
! *Dialog.Button.background: #4D2946
! *passwd.thermometer.foreground: #AD8FA6
! *passwd.thermometer.background: #4D2946
! *passwd.thermometer.width: 6
! Static text in the dialog boxes:
*passwd.heading.label: XScreenSaver %s
*passwd.body.label: This screen is locked.
*passwd.unlock.label: OK
*passwd.login.label: New Login
*passwd.user.label: Username:
*splash.heading.label: XScreenSaver %s
*splash.body.label: Copyright \251 1991-2019 by
*splash.body2.label: Jamie Zawinski <>
*splash.demo.label: Settings
* Help
! This is the list of installed screen saver modes. See "man xscreensaver"
! for the syntax used here.
! If you want to disable a screensaver, DO NOT remove it from this list:
! instead, mark it as inactive by placing a "-" at the beginning of the line.
! You can use the `xscreensaver-demo' program to edit the current list of
! screen savers interactively.
*programs: \
maze -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: superquadrics -root \n\
attraction -root \n\
blitspin -root \n\
greynetic -root \n\
helix -root \n\
hopalong -root \n\
imsmap -root \n\
- noseguy -root \n\
- pyro -root \n\
qix -root \n\
- rocks -root \n\
rorschach -root \n\
decayscreen -root \n\
flame -root \n\
halo -root \n\
slidescreen -root \n\
pedal -root \n\
bouboule -root \n\
- braid -root \n\
coral -root \n\
deco -root \n\
drift -root \n\
- fadeplot -root \n\
galaxy -root \n\
goop -root \n\
grav -root \n\
ifs -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: jigsaw -root \n\
julia -root \n\
- kaleidescope -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: moebius -root \n\
moire -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: morph3d -root \n\
mountain -root \n\
munch -root \n\
penrose -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: pipes -root \n\
rd-bomb -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: rubik -root \n\
- sierpinski -root \n\
slip -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: sproingies -root \n\
starfish -root \n\
strange -root \n\
swirl -root \n\
triangle -root \n\
xjack -root \n\
xlyap -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: atlantis -root \n\
bsod -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: bubble3d -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cage -root \n\
- crystal -root \n\
cynosure -root \n\
discrete -root \n\
distort -root \n\
epicycle -root \n\
flow -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: glplanet -root \n\
interference -root \n\
kumppa -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: lament -root \n\
moire2 -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: sonar -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: stairs -root \n\
truchet -root \n\
- vidwhacker -root \n\
blaster -root \n\
bumps -root \n\
ccurve -root \n\
compass -root \n\
deluxe -root \n\
- demon -root \n\
@GLE_KLUDGE@ GL: extrusion -root \n\
- loop -root \n\
penetrate -root \n\
petri -root \n\
phosphor -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: pulsar -root \n\
ripples -root \n\
shadebobs -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: sierpinski3d -root \n\
spotlight -root \n\
squiral -root \n\
wander -root \n\
- webcollage -root \n\
xflame -root \n\
xmatrix -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: gflux -root \n\
- nerverot -root \n\
xrayswarm -root \n\
xspirograph -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: circuit -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: dangerball -root \n\
- GL: dnalogo -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: engine -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: flipscreen3d -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: gltext -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: menger -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: molecule -root \n\
rotzoomer -root \n\
speedmine -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: starwars -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: stonerview -root \n\
vermiculate -root \n\
whirlwindwarp -root \n\
zoom -root \n\
anemone -root \n\
apollonian -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: boxed -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cubenetic -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: endgame -root \n\
euler2d -root \n\
fluidballs -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: flurry -root \n\
- GL: glblur -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: glsnake -root \n\
halftone -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: juggler3d -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: lavalite -root \n\
- polyominoes -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: queens -root \n\
- GL: sballs -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: spheremonics -root \n\
- thornbird -root \n\
twang -root \n\
- GL: antspotlight -root \n\
apple2 -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: atunnel -root \n\
barcode -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: blinkbox -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: blocktube -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: bouncingcow -root \n\
cloudlife -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cubestorm -root \n\
eruption -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: flipflop -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: flyingtoasters -root \n\
fontglide -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: gleidescope -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: glknots -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: glmatrix -root \n\
- GL: glslideshow -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: hypertorus -root \n\
- GL: jigglypuff -root \n\
metaballs -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: mirrorblob -root \n\
piecewise -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: polytopes -root \n\
pong -root \n\
popsquares -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: surfaces -root \n\
xanalogtv -root \n\
abstractile -root \n\
anemotaxis -root \n\
- GL: antinspect -root \n\
fireworkx -root \n\
fuzzyflakes -root \n\
interaggregate -root \n\
intermomentary -root \n\
memscroller -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: noof -root \n\
pacman -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: pinion -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: polyhedra -root \n\
- GL: providence -root \n\
substrate -root \n\
wormhole -root \n\
- GL: antmaze -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: boing -root \n\
boxfit -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: carousel -root \n\
celtic -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: crackberg -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cube21 -root \n\
fiberlamp -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: fliptext -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: glhanoi -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: tangram -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: timetunnel -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: glschool -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: topblock -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cubicgrid -root \n\
cwaves -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: gears -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: glcells -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: lockward -root \n\
m6502 -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: moebiusgears -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: voronoi -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: hypnowheel -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: klein -root \n\
- lcdscrub -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: photopile -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: skytentacles -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: rubikblocks -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: companioncube -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: hilbert -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: tronbit -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: geodesic -root \n\
hexadrop -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: kaleidocycle -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: quasicrystal -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: unknownpleasures -root \n\
binaryring -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cityflow -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: geodesicgears -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: projectiveplane -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: romanboy -root \n\
tessellimage -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: winduprobot -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: splitflap -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cubestack -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: cubetwist -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: discoball -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: dymaxionmap -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: energystream -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: hexstrut -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: hydrostat -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: raverhoop -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: splodesic -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: unicrud -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: esper -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: vigilance -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: crumbler -root \n\
filmleader -root \n\
glitchpeg -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: handsy -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: maze3d -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: peepers -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: razzledazzle -root \n\
vfeedback -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: deepstars -root \n\
@GL_KLUDGE@ GL: gravitywell -root \n
! Pretty names for the hacks that have unusual capitalization.
! Used by xscreensaver-demo.
* AntInspect
* AntMaze
* AntSpotlight
* BinaryRing
* BlinkBox
* BlitSpin
* BlockTube
* BouncingCow
* BoxFit
* Bubble3D
* CCurve
* CloudLife
* CompanionCube
* CubeStack
* CubeStorm
* CubeTwist
* CubicGrid
* CWaves
* DangerBall
* DecayScreen
* DeepStars
* DNA Logo
* DymaxionMap
* EnergyStream
* Euler2D
* FadePlot
* FilmLeader
* FlipFlop
* FlipScreen3D
* FlipText
* FluidBalls
* FlyingToasters
* FontGlide
* FuzzyFlakes
* GeodesicGears
* GFlux
* Gleidescope
* GLForestFire
* GlitchPEG
* GravityWell
* HyperBall
* HyperCube
* IMSMap
* JigglyPuff
* Juggler3D
* LCDscrub
* LMorph
* m6502
* Maze3D
* MemScroller
* MetaBalls
* MirrorBlob
* MoebiusGears
* Morph3D
* NerveRot
* NoseGuy
* PopSquares
* QuasiCrystal
* RaverHoop
* RazzleDazzle
* RDbomb
* RDbomb
* RomanBoy
* RotZoomer
* RubikBlocks
* SBalls
* ShadeBobs
* Sierpinski3D
* SkyTentacles
* SlideScreen
* SpeedMine
* SplitFlap
* StarWars
* StonerView
* T3D
* TestX11
* TimeTunnel
* TopBlock
* TronBit
* VFeedback
* VidWhacker
* WebCollage
* WhirlWindWarp
* WindupRobot
* XAnalogTV
* XRaySwarm
! obsolete, but still used by xscreensaver-demo-Xm.
*hacks.documentation.isInstalled: True
! (xrdb prevention kludge: whole file) */
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