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Script to use as upload-command for autodl-irssi to post to Sonarr
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Script to use as upload-command for autodl-irssi to post torrents to Sonarr

Obviously you will need autodl-irssi ( and Sonarr ( installed for this to work. You will also need curl.

Download the file and put it wherever you want. You may need to edit the last line of the script with the address for Sonarr. By default it is "http://localhost:8989/api/release/push". See Make the script executable for the user running autodl-irssi

Set up your autodl.cfg to include something like this, either in the global [options] header or for specific [filter]s as you see fit. Update the path to the script and YOUR_SONARR_API_KEY to the values for your system:

upload-type = exec
upload-command = /path/to/
upload-args = "$(TorrentName)" "$(TorrentUrl)" YOUR_SONARR_API_KEY

You can set up autodl-irssi filters to simply match everything and let Sonarr decide what it should download based upon your Sonarr configuration.

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