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How it worked back then

  • BotLauncher checked if all required files exists and if there are updates available
  • It then proceeds to launch ZzukBot.exe which will do more checks and create a few required files which are embedded in the application inside the internal folder like the Navigation.dll, Loader.dll and FastCallDll.dll
  • After creating the files it will launch the WoW process and inject itself into the running process using the Loader.dll
  • ZzukBot.exe will check if it is run injected or standalone. In this case it will detect that it is running inside the WoW.exe and proceed to spawn the GUI

How to compile stuff

  • Make sure you got VS2017 and latest VC++ redistributable
  • Open Solution and select debug or release in the configuration manager
  • Build the projects in the following order:
    • Loader
    • Navigation
    • BotLauncher
    • FastCallDll
    • ZzukBot
  • Loader, Navigation and FastCall will drop the binaries inside the Resource folder of the ZzukBot Project after compiling. Every of those 3 files is a registered file resource and is required to be there to compile ZzukBot.exe
  • You should be fine to compile ZzukBot.exe and launch it
  • Select the 1.12.1 WoW.exe on the first launch and wait for WoW to open and the login GUI to spawn
  • Incase you build as debug you should be able to attach to the WoW process