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* Adds ability to get level starting point from LonLat rather than osmid

* Fixing locking race condition

* Removing Result return from populate_intersection_quad_tree

* Changing localise_lon_lat_to_map to take argument by value

* Changing bail! to unreachable! to be a bit more explicit about error

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A/B Street


Ever been stuck in traffic on a bus, wondering why is there legal street parking instead of a dedicated bus lane? A/B Street is a project to plan, simulate, and communicate visions for making cities friendlier to people walking, biking, and taking public transit. We create software to simulate traffic, edit streets and intersections, plan bike networks, create low-traffic neighborhoods, and educate the public about 15-minute neighborhoods through games. The project works anywhere in the world, thanks to OpenStreetMap.



Project mission

We amplify the efforts of individuals and advocacy groups who campaign to transition cities away from private motor vehicles. We believe in transparent and reproducible analysis, so all of our work is open source and based on public data. We believe everybody should have a voice in shaping their city, so our software aims to be easy to use.

Why not leave city planning to professionals? People are local experts on the small slice of the city they interact with daily -- the one left turn lane that always backs up or a certain set of poorly timed walk signals. Laura Adler writes:

"Only with simple, accessible simulation programs can citizens become active generators of their own urban visions, not just passive recipients of options laid out by government officials."

Existing urban planning software is either proprietary or hard to use. A/B Street strives to be highly accessible, by being a fun, engaging game. See here for more guiding principles.


Core team:

See full credits

Contact or follow @CarlinoDustin for updates.