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Releases: a-b-street/abstreet

When the old dun cow caught fire

26 Sep 12:57
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  • edit turn restrictions in the LTN tool (thanks to Andy!)
  • remove old procedurally generated buildings from some UK maps
  • fix Santa crashes (thanks to Stuart!)

Well, not nece-celery

13 Aug 16:47
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NOTE this was first released 14 August broken, then re-released 30 August fixed

  • fix some map importing problems
  • regenerate all maps, fixing a previous attempt at this
  • import a few new places

The royalty's append-only adages

21 Jul 12:13
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  • show turn restrictions in the LTN tool (thanks Andy!)
  • show main road labels when adjusting LTN boundaries
  • import a few places and manually fix LTN boundary issues


09 May 18:53
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NOTE! All prior savefiles in all apps won't load; the format has changed in an
incompatible way. There will be more incompatible changes for the next few

  • fix 15m tool crash on maps with shared paths and sidewalks
  • fix bug where alt+tab counts as tab keypress (thanks Abdul!)
  • use HTTPS for all downloads
  • let file pickers work on the web too
  • let the LTN tool save and load proposals from regular files
  • improve .zip binary releases, making all apps capture error logs
  • disable broken tutorial mode (but thanks to Antelope for starting to fix it)
  • internally change LTN tool to use regular map edits. some behavioral regressions with undo, but improvements with handling existing modal filters

In memory of Cowboy

18 Mar 17:47
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  • add vehicle ownership census stats to the LTN tool for England
  • show Underground and National Rail stops in the LTN tool
  • only download one map at a time, to deal with huge cities like London or Seattle
  • misc bugfixes and performance improvements

The anti-climactician

08 Mar 16:08
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  • ltn tool now treats main roads better, and handles neighbourhoods with perimeters only partly on main roads
  • ltn tool has a new cycle network tool, showing how quiet streets augment cycle lanes
  • ltn bugfix: roads starting with a filter now behave correctly
  • ltn routing: overlapping paths now start and end precisely at a building driveway
  • major speedups to LTN tool initial load time and shortcut calculation, and map importing
  • adjusting ltn boundaries is now a bit smoother when there are intermediate blocks
  • 15m tool overhauled. score homes tool is no longer all-or-nothing

Heist & bug

28 Feb 10:26
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  • major fixes to LTN blockfinding, letting boundaries be edited more frequently
    and default boundaries look more reasonable
  • osm2streets geometry fixes and new OSM data for GB maps
  • show main roads vs neighbourhood perimeters in LTN tool
  • help the user figure out what blocks to add first in the LTN tool boundary adjustment

Those Hampstead Heathens

16 Feb 17:14
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  • new LTN tool to show driving impact from everywhere within a neighbourhood
  • update most external dependencies (hopefully without introducing any new platform-specific problems)
  • update osm2streets, with new default lane widths
  • hopefully fix some geometry-related crashes
  • update all OSM data for all maps, and always include the full area
  • cosmetic improvement to unzoomed road outline styling

The Phoenix of Chance Street

29 Jan 20:00
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  • warn about problematic LTN boundaries
  • add a school street filter
  • add a 20mph LTN tool

Squeezing the Tube from the wrong end

25 Jan 18:23
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Sorry for the huge delay since the last release; I've been busy with adjacent projects

  • upgrade osm2streets, with various geometry fixes
  • shrink LTN build times a bit
  • fix LTN bug where with crazy route times involving private roads
  • fix Santa in downloaded version, before data is downloaded
  • clean up the 15m tool's UI and mark footways as walkable
  • speed up polygon editing tool and add a "leafblower" mode
  • start experimenting with "custom boundary" areas in the LTN tool