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The Dancing Dog business plan

Author: A.C. Brice

This repository contains the documentation of the business plan created for the owners of The Dancing Dog, a craft beer bar with quick serve food which was to be developed in Seattle, Washington.

The process of creating the business plan originated with a feasibility study and forecast creation to see if the efforts would be warranted. While the final product (minus financials) is located here., other supporting documents will be made available for demonstration purposes of visualization, analysis, and documentation skills.

  1. Building The Dancing Dog Pricing Structure and Product Selection
  2. Presentation of the Market Analysis You will need to download the file because GitHub cannot show the PowerPoint with the file size so large. There is automation and slide transitioning. If you want you can view it on the web here, at Office Mix,. This runs like a movie.
  3. The Excel summary of the Market Analysis data is here. Of course, the exploratory workbook was very ugly, so this is a cleaned up copy from which the PowerPoint and the 3D movie tour was made.
  4. Here is the 3D movie tour of some of the demographic data combined with the geolocation information. It is an .mp4 file.
  5. Here is the Final Five selection along with the final criteria list. It too is .mp4.
  6. The Dancing Dog Business Plan. You will need to download the file to view it.

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