Intelligence augmentation software written in Guile Scheme
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Babel tower

Culturia is an intelligence augmentation software.

The name is a reference to Culture and Empire by Pieter Hintjens and Intelligence Augmentation.


Create a framework that makes it easy to tape into NLP algorithm and provide an interface for common tasks.

Getting started

Ubuntu and others

Install wiredtiger develop branch and that is all.

guix and guixd

Use the following command starting from the git repository:

culturia $ guix build -f guix.scm
culturia $ patch -p1 < guix-wiredtiger.diff
culturia $ guix environment --ad-hoc --pure guile-next
culturia $ cd src
culturia/src $ CHECK=t guile -L . grf3.scm 
culturia/src $ CHECK_WSH=t guile -L . wsh.scm


Source files can be found in src directory. Documentation can be found in doc directory.


Say héllo!