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Teensy 3.X Project Template
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Teensy 3.X Project Template


An easy starting point for a Teensy 3.X project which might not fit inside the arduino build environment.

Reasons to Use

  • You need to modify the teensy core
  • You don't love Java IDE's
  • You love Make
  • Because


Install the Teensy udev rule: sudo cp tools/49-teensy.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

Then unplug your Teensy and plug it back in.


  1. Put your code in src/main.cpp
  2. Put any libraries you need in libraries
  3. Set the TEENSY variable in Makefile according to your teensy version
  4. Build your code make
  5. Upload your code make upload

Make Targets

  • make alias for make hex
  • make build compiles everything and produces a .elf
  • make hex converts the elf to an intel hex file
  • make post_compile opens the launcher with the correct file
  • make upload uploads the hex file to a teensy board
  • make reboot reboots the teensy

Where everything came from

  • The teensy3 sub-folder is taken from The Teensy 3 Cores
  • The tools sub-folder is taken from Teensyduino
  • The src/main.cpp file is moved, unmodified from teensy3/main.cpp
  • The Makefile file is moved, modified from teensy3/Makefile
  • The 49-teensy.rules file is taken from PJRC's udev rules

Modifications to Makefile include

  • Add support for arduino libraries
  • Change tools directory
  • Calculate target name from current directory
  • Prettify rule output
  • Do not upload by default, only build
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