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My portfolio consists of four projects showcasing my programming skills in various technologies. These projects are hosted on my website, hosted on an AWS EC2 instance running Amazon Linux 2 and an Apache webserver. Each project folder contains a more detailed README.

1 - JavaScript Calendar:

  • A web-based application that allows users to create, view, and manage their events online. The calendar is built using a combination of technologies, including JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.

Project 2 - Forum Website:

  • A web-based application that allows registered users to share and discuss stories. The website is built using PHP, HTML, and CSS, and integrates with MySQL to store user account information, stories, comments, and other relevant data.

Project 3 - Baseball Statistics Analyzer:

  • A Python script designed to analyze baseball game statistics for a full season. The program accepts input text files containing the data for each game and generates a sorted list of players based on their batting averages.

Project 4 - File Storage Website:

  • A website that allows users to upload, view, and delete files from their personal file manager. The website is designed using PHP, HTML, and CSS.


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