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Using javascript generated pure CSS3

Agile is a simple, fast and easy to use engine which uses javascript generated pure CSS3. Check out examples at


  • Agile uses javascript to generate pure CSS3, without canvas, webGL or SVG.
  • Performant on mobile devices, being truly cross platform.
  • Agile’s API has high similar characteristic with actionscript 3.0, you can learn it in 10 minutes.


Download the minified library and include it in your html document.

<script src="js/agile.min.js"></script>

Create and move a circle:

//init Agile
Agile.mode = '3d';
var container = new Agile.Container('container'); = false;
container.perspective = 1000;

//create a displayobject
var circle = new Agile.Circle(80, '#ff0000');
circle.x = 100;
circle.y = 120;

//add a keyframes
var keyframes = new Agile.Keyframes(100, {
    scaleX : .5,
    scaleY : .5
circle.addFrame(1, keyframes, {
    yoyo : true,
    loop : -1

Building Agile

Node is a dependency, use terminal to install it with with:
git clone git://
Then navigate to the build directory by running:
cd ./build
Finally run the build command:
node build.js


LicenseFinder is released under the MIT License.