@a-know a-know released this Jan 4, 2019

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A Happy New Year!! 🎉
Please also Pixela, this year!

  • Support new property optionalData for Pixel .
    • You can record additional information as JSON string other than quantity in Pixel which is data for each date.
      • ex. "optionalData":"[\"Running at morning\"]" , "optionalData":"{\"morning\":\"3km\",\"evening\":\"5km\"}"
    • optionalData content can only be get with GET /v1/users/<username>/graphs/<graphID>/<yyyyMMdd> API response now.
      • In the future, we plan to list up or search for optionalData.
  • [Breaking Change] Response format of GET /v1/users/<username>/graphs/<graphID>/<yyyyMMdd> is changed.
    • before: {"quantity":5}
    • after: {"quantity":"5"}
    • Quantity type was string originally. There was a mistake in the format of the response so far. So sorry...