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Composable React Architecture

Improve composability by reducing dependency graphs.

Note: This repo is from 2016/17. While the basic concepts and syntax apply, changes in React (e.g., hooks) and other libraries enable simpler and cleaner implementations. I also rewrote style composition to be more consise, performant, and unit tested in later projects.

  1. React HOCs (Higher order Components) for everything
  • Children via withItems
  • Styles via withStyles and withItemContextStyles
  • Events via pipeClicks, pipeChanges, etc.
  • Redux data via withReduxData
  • GraphQL data via withGQLData
  1. Sprinkle lodash/fp and recompose
  2. That's it!

More details on HOCs and usage in src/components.js comments.

Installing & Running.

Install npm i; Run npm start;


Includes GraphQL, React, Redux, and a few others. See package.json.

Built on create-react-app.

File Structure

  • public/index.js - initializes the redux store and renders App
  • src/reset.css - reset styles...
  • src/components.js - All demo components. Exports most. Includes app.
  • src/hoc-utils.js - all the HOC util functions for the demo
  • src/styles.js - integrates styletron, provides styles shorthands and HOCs
  • src/api.js - graphql schema and some basic api interaction functions
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