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Commits on Jul 11, 2012
  1. @erh
  2. @erh
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
  1. @stbrody
  2. @RedBeard0531
  3. @stbrody

    Don't run tests with auth that we know will fail. SERVER-4254 SERVER-…

    stbrody authored
    …6327 SERVER-6368 SERVER-4237
  4. @RedBeard0531

    Make test more debuggable

    RedBeard0531 authored
  5. @RedBeard0531

    SERVER-6340 Use TIME_UTC_ rather than TIME_UTC

    RedBeard0531 authored
    This avoids a compilation failure with glibc-2.16 or any other C11 libc.
    Boost made the same change for boost-1.50:
  6. @RedBeard0531


    RedBeard0531 authored
  7. @RedBeard0531
  8. @RedBeard0531
  9. @dannenberg @RedBeard0531

    SERVER-6232 support empty objects in aggro

    dannenberg authored RedBeard0531 committed
  10. @dannenberg @RedBeard0531

    SERVER-6270 prevent segfault on large aggro result

    dannenberg authored RedBeard0531 committed
    to check if its getting too large, the result array must be copied later
    as a result a few tests needed minor alterations
  11. @RedBeard0531

    Clean up parseObject() a bit

    RedBeard0531 authored
    prep for SERVER-6175
  12. @RedBeard0531

    Clean up DocumentSourceProject::createFromBson and make it more like …

    RedBeard0531 authored
    …normal projections
    Prep for SERVER-6175
  13. @RedBeard0531

    Reserve space in vectors in Document::createFromBsonObj

    RedBeard0531 authored
    Benchmark shows ~15-20% improvement in aggregation time
  14. @RedBeard0531
  15. @RedBeard0531
  16. @RedBeard0531

    Make aggregation ignore SendStaleConfigException after it has started

    RedBeard0531 authored
    Workaround for SERVER-5752. We don't want to restart the whole
    aggregation on every migrate since it may never finish that way.
  17. @RedBeard0531
  18. @singhsiddharth

    SERVER-4385 Test-SyncClusterConn refreshes conn

    singhsiddharth authored
    Test that SyncClusterConnection refreshes sub-connections on recieving
  19. @renctan

    SERVER-6315 tagSet suite test failure on debug builds

    renctan authored
    Changed the pre-processor guard in the test to use the exact inverse of the condition used in verifyFailed to call abort() when assertion fails.
  20. @milkie

    SERVER-6303 correct locking for initial sync retrying

    milkie authored
    With multithreaded replication, the call site for retrying if Cloner misses documents
    was changed.  We now much grab a write lock before calling shouldRetry().
    I also changed the logging to always log when a retry situation is present.
    These situations can result if Cloner misses a document because it was updated, grew,
    and moved backward on disk.
  21. @milkie
  22. run cleanbb before each test phase

    Dan Crosta authored
  23. @erh

    add help for collMod SERVER-6314

    erh authored
  24. @erh
  25. @andy10gen
  26. @andy10gen

    SERVER-6111: Use correct third-party dependency for boost libraries.

    andy10gen authored
    Depending on third_party/mongo_boost instead of third_party/boost/boost_XXX
    enables the use of the system version of boost libraries.
  27. use env.Glob in buildscripts/moduleconfig

    Dan Crosta authored
  28. @erh
  29. @erh

    fix auth_repl test

    erh authored
  30. @monkey101
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