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Boilerplate for a Flask REST API with JWT-based authentication, focused on test-coverage and CI via purest, tox, and github actions.
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Hello! This project is the application documented in a tutorial series on my website: How To: Create a Flask API with JWT-Based Authentication

This can be used as boilerplate for any REST API project that is built on Flask, SQLAlchemy, Swagger UI and pytest. My goal is to provide a REST API that is secured via JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and is robust and secure enough for use in a real-world, production application. The most important packages/extensions used by the application are:

  • Flask-RESTx
  • Flask-SQLAlcheny
  • Flask-Migrate
  • PyJWT
  • Pytest
  • Tox

Throughout the tutorial series the importance of developing automated test coverage is emphasized, along with explanations for configuring several pytest plugins that enforce code style/format, perform linting, calculate test coverage, etc.

Ensuring that your test cases are executed against your code as it would be installed by an end-user, and not against the code in your local development environment is explained and accomplished with tox.

Deploying the application as part of a CICD system is demonstrated for Github Actions and Azure Pipelines.

The methodology and step-by-step process of implementing this application is documented as a tutorial series on my website. Please check it out if you would like to learn how it was built.

Feedback can be provided either by creating a new issue here or by commenting on the article series on my website.

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