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00 (Double-O) is a proof of concept app to get zeromq and zeroconf living together in harmony.

I hope to turn it into a library that enables the building of simple zeromq services and clients that can then be chained in interesting ways

I have also added pymongo as a requirement. The rational here is that some services will need to send more than plain text. For example an image service will either need access to some kind of shared storage or ideally it should be possible to send binary data across the wire. There are lots of different encoding options for this. Pyzmq for example has a pickle encoding option but the aim using zeromq is the rich variety of language bindings. Using pickle for example would prevent any other language for being able to use the system. I felt that bson would a good balance between flexiblity and efficiency.

Once you have installed the relevent packages (see the deployment directory) you can run the requester and responder in seperate terminals: