Commits on May 2, 2011
Commits on Feb 8, 2011
Commits on Oct 29, 2010
  1. README explains the edge branch.

    joseph committed Oct 29, 2010
Commits on Apr 3, 2010
Commits on Apr 1, 2010
  1. A horiz-scrolling flipper.

    Draws the text across the screen on tap, much like Kindle for iPhone and
    various other popular readers. Unfortunately broken on the iPhone
    itself, due to a rendering bug in MobileSafari.
    joseph committed Apr 1, 2010
Commits on Mar 30, 2010
  1. Framer should use the original content of the node if no bookData.

    Also, neatened and extended the framer test.
    joseph committed Mar 30, 2010
  2. Framer calls the global function onMonocleReader when reader created.

    You can use this in custom javascript files to add functionality to the
    reader inside the iframe.
    joseph committed Mar 30, 2010
  3. Every script calls Monocle.pieceLoaded.

    You can use this to detect when parts of Monocle have loaded, in a
    similar way to how JSON-P works. If you define the global function
    onMonoclePiece, it will be passed the piece name.
    As a result of this, the framer functionality now works in IE8 (which
    bizarrely evaluates script tags in dynamic iframes when earlier script
    tags have not been loaded).
    joseph committed Mar 30, 2010
Commits on Mar 29, 2010
Commits on Mar 11, 2010
Commits on Mar 8, 2010
  1. Added URL to README.

    joseph committed Mar 8, 2010
Commits on Mar 5, 2010
  1. Version number.

    joseph committed Mar 5, 2010
Commits on Mar 4, 2010
Commits on Mar 3, 2010
  1. Added the MIT license terms.

    joseph committed Mar 3, 2010
  2. Scrubber pixel translations now work when box is not against left edge.

    Previously, if a reader box was in the middle of the page, the needle
    on the scrubber would jam because of bad pixel coords.
    joseph committed Mar 3, 2010
  3. Tidying up minor fixmes.

    joseph committed Mar 3, 2010
  4. Removing outdated examples.

    joseph committed Mar 3, 2010