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2011-04-04 adding product readme
1 # Achtung - A RESTful alert distribution service
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2011-04-04 correcting typo in README
3 Achtung takes alerts generated by your project, application or processes and forward them on to
c13dcf67 »
2011-04-04 adding product readme
4 a groups of people who need to be informed about the alerts.
6 For example a problem is encountered when atempting to process a customers order. Rather than silently log the issue
7 and assume that a developer will actually check their own logs. You can fire the alert into Achtung, which will in turn
8 push it out to all registered users who are tagged with #order-processing.
10 Currently alerts are pushed out by email (asynchronously using celery and rabbit-mq) but the roadmap (currently in my head)
11 has SMS delivery options and smart rules to prevent the same alert being repeatedly sent out.
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2011-04-04 docs link to README
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2011-04-04 sometimes I wish I could spell...
13 Documentation can be found at [ReadTheDocs](
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