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php-freebase - A PHP library for


Install PHPUnit

sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

Install Phing

sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear install phing/phing


php-freebase is designed to be packaged as a phar file. To create the package run: phing build-all This will run all tests, create documentation (in the /docs folder) and creates the Freebase.phar file


Basic Usage

Fetch a topic: $freebase = new freebase\Freebase(); $result = $freebase->fetchByTopicId('/en/philip_k_dick');

Perform a basic search: $freebase = new freebase\Freebase(); $query = new freebase\Query(); $query->addField('id', '/topic/en/philip_k_dick') ->addField('/book/author/works_written', array()); //placeholder for results $result = $freebase->fetchByQuery($query);

Using the returned results:

The results returned from Freebase are formated into a DOM (Document Object Model) which exposes a number of methods to allow you to traverse it and extract the data you need

$result->getChildByName("properties"); //returns the 'properties' Child Node
$result->getChildByPath("properties./book/author/works_written"); fetches the /book/author/works_written node within the properties node