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High- and Low-Level Constraints on Synchrony during Conversation: Code for Paxton & Dale (2017, Frontiers in Psychology)

This repo contains the code for the analyses presented in our article, "Interpersonal movement synchrony responds to high- and low-level conversational constraints" (Paxton & Dale, 2017, Frontiers in Psychology). The full text of the article is available from Frontiers ( and the project's OSF project (


The repo contains several analysis files, figures, an R markdown file, and a markdown file.

  • dual-conversation-constraints.Rmd: R markdown with all data preparation, analysis, and visualization presented in our manuscript. Note that it includes some visualizations and tables that are mentioned but (for brevity) not included in the manuscript itself.
  • A markdown file generated by the R markdown of the same name. We recommend that you open this version to view in your browser.
  • ./supplementary-code/required_packages-DCC.r: Downloads packages required to run the R markdown. (This should be run before running anything else.)
  • ./supplementary-code/libraries_and_functions-DCC.r: Loads in necessary libraries and creates new functions for our analyses.
  • ./supplementary-code/continuous_rqa_parameters-DCC.r: Identifies the appropriate parameters for continuous cross-recurrence quantification analysis (CRQA).
  • ./supplementary-code/unify_participant_samples-DCC.r: Merges all individual participant data files produced by PsyGlass into a single file, ./data/prepped_data-DCC.csv.

Related materials

Data for the project (as accepted by Frontiers in Psychology) can be found at our registered OSF project:

Notes on running and viewing

For best viewing in a browser, we recommend selecting the, rather than the similarly named .Rmd file. (Analyses should be run using the .Rmd file of the same name.)

For those unfamiliar with R markdown, we recommend taking a look at RStudio's introduction to R markdown before attempting to run the .Rmd file. (Be sure to download RStudio first, if you do not already have it installed on your machine.)