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Emotion dynamics during conflict discussions

This repo contains the code for the analyses presented in our journal article, "An exploratory analysis of emotion dynamics between mothers and adolescents during conflict discussions" (Main, Paxton, & Dale, 2016, Emotion).

To accompany the code, we also provide de-identified data for two dyads (contained in the data folder). We include the emotion time series for one low-satisfaction dyad and for one high-satisfaction dyad.


Key variables in the Main_Paxton_Dale-all_analyses.Rmd files are a_target_emotion and p_target_emotion, which specify the categories of emotion states to be used in the plotting and computations. These lists are then used in source files:

  • globals-functions.R: Prepares workspace by importing data, loading necessary libraries, and creating new functions
  • get_rqa_measures.R: Calculates cross-recurrence profiles on the target emotion categories
  • lmer_stats.R: Runs linear mixed-effects models for standardized and unstandardized time series for all dyads' data, by adolescent age, and by dyad satisfaction score
  • plot_drps_age.R: Plots recurrence results by adolescent age
  • plot_drps_satisfaction.R: Plots recurrence results by dyad satisfaction score

Notes on running and viewing

For best viewing in a browser, we recommend selecting the, rather than the similarly named .Rmd file. (Analyses should be run using the .Rmd file of the same name.)

For those unfamiliar with R markdown, we recommend taking a look at RStudio's introduction to R markdown before attempting to run the .Rmd file. (Be sure to download RStudio first, if you do not already have it installed on your machine.)


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