Analyses of interpersonal coordination in memory and perception through a Dallinger-based online dyadic experiment.
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Perception, Memory, and Coordination: Code for Paxton, Morgan, Suchow, & Griffiths (2018, Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society)

This repo contains the code for analyses exploring interpersonal coordination of perception and memory during minimally interactive contexts (Paxton, Morgan, Suchow, & Griffiths, 2018, Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society).


The proceedings paper was written using an R template for reproducible CogSci proceedings papers (cogsci2016). The .Rmd, .tex, and PDF that result from that are available in the study_1-cogsci2018 directory in this repository.

Experiment code

This research involves data collected using Dallinger, an open-source experiment creation platform. The code for the experiment can be found here:

Notes on viewing and running

For best viewing in a browser, we recommend selecting, rather than the similarly named .Rmd file. (Analyses should be run using the .Rmd file of the same name.)

For those unfamiliar with R markdown, we recommend taking a look at RStudio's introduction to R markdown before attempting to run the .Rmd file. (Be sure to download RStudio first, if you do not already have it installed on your machine.)