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This is a modular use-package and Linux-oriented config, made with EXWM in mind. The languages I target are in the lisp family + html/css/javascript… I have tried to add helpful comments for new users, but the secret is to learn how to use “C-h f” , “C-h v” , and “C-h k” because Emacs is a self-documenting system.

Bits and pieces of code in this config come from all over the net, including “better-defaults” “spacemacs” “prelude” “purcell” “emacs wiki” and more. Thanks to all of those heavy-hitters and everybody from #emacs on Freenode.

My configuration is simpler, and probably more opinionated than those before mentioned, but I do still borrow heavily from prelude and others– because maintaining a sophisticated Emacs configuration single-handedly is just too much work!

This file is also a template that gets copied as ~/$ automatically– to be used as a 100% customizable and persistent org-mode Emacs Start page :-)

There are accompanying dotfiles.


On EXWM and “Default Applications”

I use “mimi,” an xdg-open drop-in replacement in addition to a .mailcap file to inform Emacs / EXWM about default applications for various filetypes. (mimi script) (mimi config)

The mailcap file is necessary for gnus when opening file attachments.

Edge cases in Emacs/EXWM such as default browser are covered in my cfg-general.el file, In my case, I prefer to set the browser to be “chrome”, which is actually a script in ~/bin like so,

firejail google-chrome-unstable --incognito "$@"

Similarly, to have browser Email URL’s to open using gnus, the browser mailto handler should be set to run a script as follows:

emacsclient -e "(gnus)" -e "(browse-url-mail \"$@\")"

On EXWM and launching external programs

I use M-x helm-run-external-command with the following snippet which uses wmctrl to pop previously opened windows to the front of the stack:

(when (executable-find "wmctrl")
  (setq helm-raise-command "wmctrl -xa %s"))

So be sure wmctrl is installed!

Why left alt and left ctrl should be swapped for Emacs ergonomics?

The following is the perfect Emacs keyboard layout:

<stupidkey> <SUPER> <CTRL> [SPACE] <ALT> <SUPER> <stupidkey><stupidkey>

Imagine the above layout is enabled, now press <CTRL> with your left thumb. Likewise, press <ALT> with your right thumb, now press any key without strain. Goodbye “emacs pinky!”

setxkbmap -option ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl

The keybinds in this file stay close to defaults, but add a Super key shortcut. For example, shortcut for C-c <left> (winner under) is simple <s-left> … That’s my rule of thumb. :)

I also remap caps lock to be <menu> via

setxkbmap -option caps:menu

This is because Caps is the perfect hydra location and I put nested hydras on caps. Credit for all of the above: ldlework from #emacs on freenode. Ergonomics+Emacs! THANKS!

To see how to use nested hydras on <CAPS> , check out