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This repo contains all of my Linux configuration files for everything I do on a computer. Using this setup, I am able to bootstrap complete, custom NixOS installations with one-command. This includes zfs-on-root with custom disk arrays and automatic pool setup, my system services and settings, all of my favorite applications-- the works!


I like to build robust and reproducible, automated systems. By reducing state we can increase productivity and developer happiness. :)

Let's just call it, "personal computer hygeine."

How it all works

  1. Themelios is built into a NixOS livedisk and bootstraps machine-specific installations, using the corresponding machine-name/ and machine-name/default.nix files from within the hosts/ directory.

  2. NixOS with lib/recimport.nix auto-imports everything in the modules/ directory. The corresponding hosts/machine-name/default.nix file determines which modules should be enabled.

  3. I use Emacs for nearly everything I do, it is the central hub of my workflow. The following are just a few of my favorite Emacs packages that I use daily:

  • gnus (email)
  • erc (irc)
  • emms (media player)
  • pdf-tools (pdf viewer)
  • image-mode (image viewer)
  • dired (file manager)
  • eww (browser)
  • org-mode (todo lists, planning and time-management)
  • shell and ansi-term (terminals)
  • And much more...

I have made an exception for Emacs, instead of using the nix built-in package manager, in my dotfiles/.emacs.d/init.el I use straight.el, which is a "Next-generation, purely functional package manager for the Emacs hacker." I appreciate Straight's use-package integration and prefer doing all Emacs configuration and package management in elisp.

How I bootstrap my complete, custom NixOS installations in one-command:

  • My laptop:
[root@nixos:~] themelios adamant a-schaefers/nix-config
  • My workstation:
[root@nixos:~] themelios Z a-schaefers/nix-config


  • Everyone in #nixos and #emacs on freenode, for always helping me out.
  • ldlework's dotfiles, which helped inspire my nix files and the themelios installer.
  • Various Emacs starter-kits, technomancy, purcell, prelude, spacemacs, the Emacs wiki, etc. I've taken bits and pieces from everywhere by now.