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Zabbix check SSL certificates

We have to different ways to check for ssl certificates

  1. If you have only one certificate per IP address, use the standard templates along with the ssltls.check script
  2. If you use multiple SSL certificates per IP address, then you need to use the ssltls-sni.check and Template_App_HTTPS_Autodiscovery.xml

This script and the templates allow your zabbix server to validate SSL certificates.

It supports direct SSL/HTTPS checks as well as STARTTLS connections Supported check types

  • simple Checks if SSL is active
  • startdate Startdate of certificate
  • enddate Enddate of certificate
  • lifetime How long the certificate is valid
  • ssl3 SSLv3 active ? (Poodle vulnerable) DISABLED per default This only works when your openssl binaries still have built in ssl3 support
  • digestmode Hash algorithm (For example detect SHA1 certificates)

How to install

  • Download the ssltls.check file to your Zabbix Server external script directory (Or your proxy if the servers are behind a Zabbix proxy)

    For example ExternalScripts=/usr/lib/zabbix/externalscripts

  • If your distribution uses the busybox timeout command, then you have to specify the -t parameter in both script files (Change it to timeout_bin="/usr/bin/timeout -t ")

  • Make it executable

  • Import the templates for the different check types in your zabbix server

  • Assign the templates to the hosts you wish to monitor

Additional setup required for SNI

Only needed if you have multiple certificates on the same IP+Port

  • Put the /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/ssl-sites.conf in the config directory of your client agent (The server where your sites reside)
  • Put the /etc/zabbix/ssl_sites.json in the config directory of your client agent (The server where your sites reside) and modify the list of sites which should be checked. This is the list of certificates to check on this server Make sure it has a valid json syntax
  • Restart the zabbix agent

(C) 2018 André Schild <a.schild>

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