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An open-source book on how to invent, launch, and run a modern startup with I am You Language (IMUL).
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Astartup Cookbook

How to invent, launch, and run a high-tech startup with IMUL.

By Cale McCollough

Content Table

  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Overview
    1. Case Study: Cale McCollough
    2. Mission and Vision Statements
    3. Repositories
    4. Editors
    5. Markdown
      1. App Template
      2. Game Template
      3. Cookbook Template
    6. Workspace
    7. Summary
    8. Exercises
  3. Documentation
    1. Case Study: Leonardo De Vinci
    2. Markdown Templates
    3. Documentation Science
    4. Development Logs
    5. Wikis
    6. Technical Writing
    7. Cookbooks
    8. Summary
  4. Psychology
    1. Case Study:
    2. Classical Conditioning
    3. Compulsion Loops
    4. Reciprocity
    5. Commitment and Consistency
    6. Story Telling
    7. Personalization
    8. Novelty Experience
    9. Social Proof
    10. Summary
    11. Exercises
  5. Philosophy
    1. Case Study:
    2. Dharma
    3. Buddhism
    4. Formal Arguments
    5. Critical Thinking
    6. Summary
    7. Exercises
  6. Development
    1. Case Study:
    2. Revision Control System
    3. Issue Tracking System
    4. Development Patterns
    5. Development Style
    6. Project Management
    7. Issue-driven Development
      1. Parking Tickets
      2. Search Engine Optimization
      3. Summary
    8. Summary
  7. Inventing
    1. Case Study: Thomas Edison
    2. Documenting Inventions
    3. Story Boards
    4. Inventing Techniques
    5. Moving Quickly
    6. Basic Drawing Skills
    7. Philosophy
    8. Summary
  8. Entrepreneurship
    1. Case Study: Bill Gates
    2. Beginner's Mindset
    3. Persuasion
    4. Organization Structures
    5. Startups
    6. Agreements
    7. Business Models
    8. Business Plans
    9. Common Pitfalls
    10. Reading People
    11. Sharing the Wealth
    12. Leverage
    13. Time Management
    14. Money Management
    15. Aggressive Patience
    16. Summary
    17. Exercises
  9. Productivity
    1. Case Study:
    2. Flow State
    3. Consolidation
    4. Completion
    5. Lean Workspace
    6. Operating Systems
    7. Summary
  10. Modeling
    1. Case Study:
    2. Abstraction
    3. Business Models
    4. Data Structures
    5. Summary
  11. Design
    1. Case Study: The 50s Train Guy
    2. Design Patterns
    3. Design Processes
    4. Requirements Identification
    5. Feasibility
    6. Pen and Paper Tricks
    7. Summary
  12. Engineering
    1. Case Study: Elon Musk
    2. Engineering Think
    3. Engineer Classes
    4. Prototyping
    5. Precision Engineering
    6. Common Acronyms
    7. Problem Solving
    8. Summary
  13. Legal
    1. Case Study: Albert Einstein
    2. Intellectual Property
    3. Contracts
    4. Summary
  14. Teams
    1. Case Study:
    2. Team Structures
    3. Team Etiquette
    4. Conflict Resolution
    5. Communication
    6. Recruiting
    7. Leadership
    8. Summary
    9. Exercises
  15. Analytics
    1. Case Study:
    2. Customer Interviews
    3. Market Validation
    4. Summary
  16. Marketing
    1. Case Study:
    2. Marketing Documents
    3. Websites
    4. Pitches
    5. Presentations
    6. Summary
    7. Exercises
  17. Servicing
    1. Case Study:
    2. Right to Repair
    3. Repair Documentation
    4. Outsourcing
    5. Summary
  18. Manufacturing
    1. Case Study:
    2. Review Documentation
    3. Manufacturing Documentation
    4. Deployment Documentation
    5. Business Replication
    6. Summary
    7. Excises
  19. Appendix
  20. Bibliography

Mission and Vision

The mission of Astartup is to maximize the chances of success of your startup by teaching as many people as possible modern industry best practices, time optimization techniques, and Artificial Intelligence theory, and to provide free software tools to assist you in this task. Our vision is to provide a free Markdown version of the book to all, regardless of ability to pay; and earn money by selling paper books, solely because paper books are awesome and startups need money; any money generated will be used to fund Kabuki Starship.


Copyright 2014-9 (C) Cale McCollough; all rights reserved (R).

This is an open-source document, the Document, that was written by and contains intellectual property. The Document consists of documents, files, source code, technology design files, art, and other content contained this file, folder and the GitHub repository located at, the Repository. The Document is covered under the Kabuki Strong Source-available License, the License, and is for educational and demonstration purposes only. You may use, reproduce, publicly display, and modify the Document so long as you submit and donate fixes and derived intellectual property, the Donated Ideas, to the Repository as an Issue ticket to become part of the Document. You may not sell the Document or otherwise profit from derivative works created from the Document without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder. Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, the Document distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

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