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It's like jackknife, but for ESI.

What does this do?

This will fetch all data about your character, your corporation and/or alliance that it can from ESI. It will compress and save this content into a file, which you could then share and/use with other applications.

This repo is both a web frontend and contains a CLI. The CLI is only useful for local/self use. The .knife files should not be considered tamper-proof in any way. If you are sharing your results with another party, the only trusted way to do so is via a web deployment.

Large corporations think about running your own please. This is self-hosted, please don't chew through my bandwidth.

Is this official?

No. Not in any way shape or form. This is entirely a personal project.

Getting started

  1. Run docker-compose up
  2. Go to http://localhost:8888/

Everything should "just work". If you need to adjust the SSO callback or exposed port, the environment variables are configured in the docker-compose.yaml file.

Running locally without docker

If you don't have docker, you can either run this locally as a CLI, or as a website.

Both python 2.7 and 3.5+ are supported.

Local CLI

$ pip install git+
$ knife --help

Local Web

$ pip install git+[deploy]
$ gunicorn --worker-class=gevent --bind=localhost:8888 "esi_knife.web:main()"

Now open http://localhost:8888 in your favorite web browser.


If you want to help out with something from here pull requests are very welcomed.

  • requests client caching
  • styling is kinda p bad in general

There could also maybe be some routes missing, I threw this together in an evening after work. I did not look at each route and consider their usefulness, but rather went through by path parameters requested. Should be pretty close to all the character-specific data though. Feel free to open an issue here if I've missed something though.

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