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Scrabble anagram finder. Returns anagrams based on Scrabble score.


nagaram [--sowpods] [-l] [-s chars] [-e chars] <letters>

? can be used to represent another tile on the board to play on
_ can be used to represent blank tiles in your rack (no points)

By default it will use the Tournament Words List. The --sowpods command line variable is available to use the SOWPODS words list.

The -l or --length flag if used will print the anagrams sorted by tiles used, rather than the default of by Scrabble score.

The -s flag can be used to provide starting characters already on the board, similarily the -e flag can be used for ending characters.


$ git clone
$ cd nagaram
$ python build
$ sudo python install
$ nagaram demo
Anagrams for demo:
7 points: demo, dome, mode
6 points: dom, med, mod
4 points: doe, em, me, mo, ode, om
3 points: de, do, ed, od
2 points: oe

Also available via pip or easyinstall.