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An arcade game built in Javascript with 15 levels and collectable hotdogs.
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Dogger - Arcade Game

Navigate Dogger through levels of unfriendly animals, dangerous cars, and maybe more! Collect hotdogs to increase your score and make Dogger happy.

How to Play

Click to play Dogger. Arrow Keys or WASD will move you around the board. Take a second to orient yourself with what direction "up" is, as the isometric board does not have true Up, Down, Left, or Right.

Avoid any kind of moving character like cats, roombas, hamsters, rams, foxes, cars, scooters and more. Collect hotdogs for points. You can't pass through barriers like trees, chairs, rocks and trashcans.

Get across the board to go to the next level. Every 5 levels brings you to a new world with 15 levels in all.

Explore The House, escape to The Forest, and pass through The City to eventually find the empty field of happiness.

Game Features

  • Isometric View
  • Music and sound effect
  • High Score Table
  • Save sound settings and scores to local machine
  • 3d rendered graphics
  • 3 worlds and 15 levels
  • Snazzy custom design
  • Delicious hot dogs to consume
  • Swipe input for play on iPad and android tablets (phones are too small)

What is This?

Why would anyone make such a game? Why would anyone go through all the trouble to make a game that is only mildly fun to play?

This was part of an assignment for a Frontend Developer course with Udacity. I didn't love the art it came with, so I grabbed assets from Google Poly, rendered them in photoshop, made some floor textures, and made features until it felt done. Dogger is the result.

Credit Where it's Due

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