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It's never been easier to make a React component library for your project
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CLI tools for generating studs themes and components, building studs libraries, and serving styleguides.

Available Commands

  • studs generate component: Begins an interactive prompt to generate a new component boilerplate. The new component will import your theme and setup an initial registration. It will also add a markdown file for documentation, which will include up-to-date documentation of all your Studs-configurable properties automatically!

  • studs generate bootstrap: Constructs some scaffolding to jumpstart a component library with react-studs. At the time of writing, this is pretty minimal - just a default theme.

  • studs styleguide: Runs a react-styleguidist powered styleguide GUI so you can peruse and test your components in real-time.

  • studs build: Builds your styleguide into a set of static files which you can host using Github Pages or your preferred static content provider. Perfect for documenting your library!

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