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Rancher2 Kubernetes cluster on a single VM
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rkube: Rancher2 single VM kubernetes cluster based on rke

There exist plenty of single VM kubernetes clusters available, like minikube and microk8s to name a couple. They are very nice, but since I work a lot with Rancher2, I wanted something that closely followed that and deployed via RKE. Hencethis repository, rkube.


  • VirtualBox
  • vagrant
  • kubectl

How to boot: vagrant up at the directory you have cloned the repository.

To test the installation with a simple echo server run: kubectl --kubeconfig kube_cluster_config.yml apply -f echo.yml

The VM is accessible at You can change this at the Vagrantfile. So the echo server above is reachable at Ignore the SSL warning, since we have not created any specific certificate for the echo server Ingress controller.

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