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Title & URL Picker

Chrome Extension

This Extension will show title and URL of a page by a few clicks and you can copy it by one Click.



How To Use This

  • Get Title
    This extension shows Page Title into the textbox.

  • Get URL
    This extension shows Page URL.

  • Get Both with Markdown
    This is useful to write docs in Markdown.
    This shows like this: [Title](URL).

  • Copy (Icon)
    This copies the context of the textbox to Clipboard.

How To Install This

  1. Download this repository and extract them into a folder.
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Turn Developer mode on.
  4. Click Load unpacked.
  5. Choose the folder which you extracted.
  6. After loading the folder, now you can use this extension!

How To Uninstall This

  1. On the page chrome://extensions, delete this extension.
  2. Remove the folder you extracted.


When you want to use this application, I'll glad if you tell about that via Twitter (See below) :)

Version 1.0 Released on 2019/03/16 (UST+09:00)


Asa (a.k.a Otsun)(@a01sa01to)
Message @a01sa01to

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